My 'Bicycle on the Streets of Rome' drawing featured on EatSleepDraw!

I am excited to find out that my illustration, 'Bicycle on the Streets of Rome,' was featured on EatSleepDraw way back in August! I had forgotten I'd even submitted it and checked back just today to see whether it had been posted, and it has! You can check out the post here.

EatSleepDraw is Tumblr's largest, curated digital art gallery. They publish a piece of art once an hour, 24 hours a day. If you submit to them, you have about 17% chance of being featured, due to the sheer volume of submissions they receive.

Here are some of my favourite pieces on EatSleepDraw:

You can link to the original EatSleepDraw post for each of these pieces here:

1. Flowers in Red Cup by Grace O'Neill

2. Matchboxes by Ailsa Johnson

3. Sepia Feather in Watercolour and Pencil by Victoria Elliott